Your Future Husband Will Show Up When You Least Expect It!!!

Future Husband
Photo by Jasmine Wallace
Future Husband

Photo by Jasmine Wallace

Women: You will most likely meet your future husband when you least expect it. Your future husband will most likely be a diamond in a rough, and will not come when you want him to come or the way you want him to come.

The “Universe” is designed to give you what you need first, not what you want. But most people dismiss their needs chasing after what they want. You’ll get what you want, when your needs are met first. Because the “Universe” knows 9 times out of 10 of what you want isn’t good for you.

Stop Falling For The Smooth Talking Male

Women: Relax, slow down, and analyze your surroundings at all times. When you get all dolled up to go out to a club, bar, etc. You must stay down to earth, and slow your mind down so you can see the real from the fake. That man you dissed because he fumbled a couple of words could have been your future husband, while that slick talking MF with the so-called swag was only trying to pimp, manipulate just to hit and run.

Stop falling for the man who talks a good game, while dissing the man you really need…Also, start paying attention to the more normal male who talks in “Real Time” language. Remember actions speaks louder than words anyway. So all talk must be backed by pure action.

Stop Dissing Men Who Live With Their Parents!!!

Pay Attention: A woman who dissed a man with a solid plan while stacking his paper, but lives with his mother/parents isn’t wise. She may miss out on her future husband. Most likely she isn’t ready to build a real “Family Dynasty”.

You must understand that the price of living is skyrocketing. Most people are wasting money on rent anyway…They’re making the landlord rich. It would be wise to buy land, build businesses, save and invest your money by any means. Even if it means moving back in with your parents.

I know a male who amassed 250k living with his parents over a 7 year period. Since he saved lots money he’s about to buy a house, build a new business, and take on the world. Now he’s laughing all the way to the bank at those women who dissed him.

Also, I know another male who built a 5 million dollar per year business, and he caught the bus everyday, while living with his mother for the first 5 years. He said women shunned him everyday for catching the bus.

Powerf Couple

Power Couple

In Conclusion:

You must understand they’re raising the price of living every year, so you will always be stressed out, overworked, exhausted, confused, and distracted just to pay bills and rent making others wealthy. Don’t fall for it. Your main goal should be reducing your monthly overhead to the bare minimum while living a stress free life, and investing your money. Thus living a more healthier, longer and happy life.

Women: It’s very important not to being ruled by the ignorant masses, and what you see on TV. you may miss out on your future husband and the family you always dreamed to have. Always remember your future husband will come to you when you least expect it.

If a male lives with his parents, but has a solid plan, it would be wise to slow down and acknowledge his mind. Plus, when you marry a man, your going marry into his family anyway. So whats the difference?

Just because he has his own apartment, car, and job doesn’t mean he is successful, or will make a good husband. It’s not about how much money you make, or spend. It’s about how much money you save, and invest.

Stop dissing “Clark Cent” trying to look for superman, when “Clark Cent” was your Superman all along…Magnate

Once you change your perception on how wealth is truly built and how families really operate. You will attract a husband who will help you build a true long lasting family dynasty. Always remember “Families Rule The World”…Magnate


Keith J. Leigh

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