Former Friends Can Make Some Of The Most Dangerous Enemies

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Former Friends

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Former Friends Can Make Some Of The Most Dangerous Enemies

If someone close to you did you truly wrong. It will be best to bring that issue to the forefront and resolve it, if you want to remain true friends. But if you keep holding in negative feelings towards that person, it will eventually turn into a dangerous grudge over time.

Dangerous grudges are what turns friends into enemies. Former friends can make some of the most dangerous enemies because they know your strengths, and weaknesses. The most vicious enemies throughout history where once friends.

Love, and Loyalty is an “Action”. Therefore, Stop being loyal to people just because you knew them for a long time. If they will talk about your failures, hurt, pain with others behind your back, and will watch you starve while treating strangers better than you, then they’re worse than an “Enemy”. Stop being friends with people you secretly “Despise” or who secretly despises you.

It’s best to live your life being true to yourself, and others.

Suppression of the heart is true “Evil” & becomes unhealthy overtime. The build up of negative internal feelings over time without creative outlets produces dangerous “Grudges” which are the foundation of true “Hate”.

If someone did you truly wrong, it’s OK to lash out verbally, and/or even inflict deserving punishment to that person. But do not try to hold in your true feelings with fake positive flattery towards that person. Stop faking like you wish that person well, when internally that’s not how you really feel. Thus stop being fake with people who you secretly despise in the name of false “Friendship”.

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“Suppression” of your true feelings creates “Evil” thoughts, and actions

Now that doesn’t give you an excuse to be petty, and small-minded. You shouldn’t get angry at every little thing a person does that you don’t like. To much pettiness means you’re a control freak and control freaks will always be let down. You must understand that trying to control other people is more stressful than living in poverty. Somethings you have to let go and move on without addressing the so-called issue.

Pettiness can destroys relationships faster than a speeding bullet. Trying to address every little issue is redundant, and a waste of time. But large issues must be addressed, and resolved in real-time, if you want to remain in that relationship.

Be careful with trusting people who secretly hates you. Honesty, loyalty, and truth is the foundation to long-lasting relationships. Real “Trust” is built over time by addressing, and resolving issues. But unresolved issues can create a dangerous environment of hate, anger, and vicious enemies.

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