Dynasty Building: Guard Your Family’s Reputation By Any Means!!!

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Dynasty Building

Dynasty Building: Guard Your Family’s Reputation By Any Means

How To Build A Family Dynasty: Reputation: “Guard It With Your Life”. Family is business, and business is intelligent warfare. You must protect, uplift, and take charge of your “Family Bloodlines Reputation” for future power moves. Building up pride, honor, love, respect, and integrity within your family bloodline should be the goal. Your family’s reputation is like a credit report, you can build your family’s credit report for future wealth, and relationship building, or destroy your family’s credit report with dysfunction, bad decisions, and debt. Building a strong family unit is like building a house, it must first stand on a strong foundation.

Learn To Enforce Family Order Out Of Chaos

It’s very important to start checking your family members for out of control behavior, if you plan on being really successful as a family unit. Especially, if those family members carry your last name.

If your son, nephew, cousin or brother is acting unacceptable in public, or on the internet. I advise you to give him a call, set up a meeting and check him asap. Also, If your daughter, niece, cousin or sister is presenting herself in an unacceptable way in public, or on the internet. I advise you to give her a call, set up a meeting, and check her asap. Unchecked destructive behaviors in the public from family members may even destroy your own reputation on a personal level. So, If you want to build a solid “Family Dynasty“, you must be able to shut down out of line behavior within your family bloodline on the spot.

Family Bloodline Cleansing:

You don’t have to conserve family traditions, especially if they’re dysfunctional, redundant and unproductive. You must take the good, and throw out the trash within your family bloodlines. Remember even though you’ll never be perfect, you are to strive for perfection. Starting with yourself, and your family bloodline. Start cleansing your family’s bloodline today, starting with your immediate family members.

Most likely you won’t be able to cleanse dysfunction from current siblings, cousins, uncles, fathers, mothers, etc unless they’re open to change. But, you can start fresh with your current, or future wife, and children to cleanse your family bloodlines dysfunctions. Its never too late to start fresh.


An organized productive loving family with a certain amount of pride is a functional family. Functional families are the ones ruling the world today. While there’s no family in this world totally without dysfunction, there are families who are striving to rid themselves of unproductive destructive habits and behaviors. Think about this: How do you expect to change the world, if you can’t change yourself, and assist in the changing your family members first? Family is the foundation to all civilizations.

It all starts with the family. That’s why it’s very very important to choose the right Husband/Wife to build a powerful family dynasty. It’s a known fact that powerful families rule the world, not individuals. Your family bloodline is way more powerful than money and all the treasures in the world. Remember the streets, and people who can help you and your family move to the next level are always watching. Reputation: Guard It With Your Life”.

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