Don’t Make Starting A Business Too Complicated

Business Plan

Business Plan Must Not Be Too Complicated

Don’t Make Starting A Business Too Complicated

I watched documentaries on the Rockefellers, J.P Morgan, Sam Walton, Jeff Bezos and many other moguls from the past and present…I also watched the movies “The Godfather” & and “There Will Be Blood”. What I found out is those old school businessmen wasn’t distracted by Jordans, Cell Phones, Movies, Gucci, Benz’s, Social Media, Etc…They lived, and breathed business while putting it all on the line. They didn’t complain much and moved forward with no excuses.

Today most people make starting a business too complicated, and confusing. You say let’s start a business with others, but hardly no one wants to sacrifice their fake balling lifestyle. Plus, they don’t want to get into the trenches and get their knees dirty. Somehow the entertainment industry showed them that business is pretty, fun and games.

Ego, Ambition, Persistence and Material Wealth plays a large part in your success. It’s has to be a realistic reason you want to be successful in business. For some people its Glory, For others it’s the quest for power and financial freedom, but if you don’t have a powerful purpose, you will not be successful in business. You have to be self motivated and a powerful visionary when running a business.

Handwork, dedication, perseverance, focus and discipline are the main keys to starting and operating a successful business. You must follow these rules to the game if you want to succeed in business. There are important instructions to starting and operating a business that must be followed, no matter how talented, well-off financially, and so-called lucky you are. Business is not easy, but it doesn’t have too be complicated either.

Warren Buffet said “Always Start A Simple Business That You Clearly Understand, And You Will Be Very Successful”…

Basically what he was saying is the more simple the business is within your mind. The more likely you will build a profitable enterprise. You must create a powerful business road map that you can follow to a T. Would you go on a road-trip without a map and knowing how to get to your destination? The same thing applies to starting a business. I advise anyone that is interested in starting a new business to create a solid “Business Plan” first.


Don’t Rush Into Business Blindly

Don’t Let Other Peoples Ideas Rush You Into Business

The key is not to let other people rush, and/or push you into making important financial decisions that will haunt you in the long run. Before I move, the “Reward” must totally outweigh the “Risk”. Only strategic calculated moves wins most games.

Business is not something you rush into blind, you must at least know where you want to go. Yes, there will be some dark areas that will make you hesitate, but you must know the end result. If you go into business with partners, you must all be on the same page, while playing different parts to make the business machine work smoothly.

Business is the replica of the “Human Body”. All Organs must work together to keep us alive. The same goes for business. Each person within the enterprise must play a major role in creating a profitable business machine. When 2 or more people are on different paths, it may affect the business over time. That’s why you must create company bylaws to live by.

Think Profit

Business Support System

Your Business Is Your Career

A business is really no different than a 9-5. The only difference is that you run your own show. But you must get up and go to your place of business like you go to work. Matter of fact you will be working longer hours. You can’t run a profitable business like your a rap star. It’s not all fun and games. There will be long boring nights of hard work and dedication.

You must be very passionate about what type of business you want to start and take it very seriously. A lot of people want to be self employed just to call themselves a Boss”, but that’s the wrong reason to get into business for yourself. You should never go into business ownership for the fame, because that would cloud your logical business judgement to build a solid business empire. Trust me all that will come later after you put in the work.


In Conclusion

Its time to stop watching the game on the sidelines, Its time to create your own game to play. Stop watching others fake ball, and go get what you want in this world. Business can be very simple if you play by the set rules to create a strong foundation.

Yes you can add your own rules, but your foundation must be very strong to build a business on. Would you build a house on wet sand? No…So don’t try to build a business empire on a weak foundation. The more simple your business is within your mind, the more likely you will become successful. Go to our page “9 Powerful Steps To Start A Successful Business” and follow those instructions to the game.

Powerful…Primal Titans

Keith J. Leigh

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