Do You Understand The Power Of Advanced Education?

Advanced Education
Advanced Education
Advanced Education

Advanced Education

Do You Understand The Power Of Advanced Education?

Code Breaking Session: Tonight for 5 hours straight I did some intensive research on all the people in “Power”. I did extensive researched on Kings, Queens, Business Owners, College Presidents, Oil Barons, Politicians, Doctors, Surgeons, Corporate Executives, Presidents, Banking CEO’s, Tycoons, Millionaires, Billionaires, ETC. What I found out was very powerful. Advanced Education is a “Powerful” tool they use to stay in power and build massive wealth.

You must push yourself and your children to take advantage of these “Universities”. Not just to get a job, that’s low-level thinking, but to get “Advanced Knowledge” of important subjects. So your family can rise to “POWER”, or at least have the knowledge to make the right moves.

These people in “POWER” are mostly college graduates, with Masters Degrees, and PhD’s.

Do not listen to anyone who says college isn’t the answer. “China” is growing into a “MAJOR POWER PLAYER OF THE WORLD” because of their “Schooling System”. They go to school 10 plus Hours a day, and are flooding Universities all around the WORLD at an alarming rate.

Advanced Education

Education Is Key

Don’t waste time with degrees that will not get you to economic, and educational “POWER”

A person with a bachelor’s degree and above typically earns 67.7% more, than someone with just a high school diploma, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistic. What you study can be a better indicator of your future employ-ability, and earnings potential. It will be a waste of time & money to get degrees in English, Religion, Music, Art, or History unless you’re planning on being a minister, bishop, teacher, professor, etc…Get it?

Some of the Best Degrees to obtain are in Accounting, Chemical Engineering, Medicine, Chemistry, Science, Computer Engineering, MBA (Master Business Admin), LAW, Civil Engineering, Applied Mathematics, PhD in Psychology, Economics, and or Masters of Finance.

If you and your children focus on those degrees, and flood these colleges, you will see a major changes in your lifestyle.

It’s a very complex systems to POWER, BUSINESS, POLITICS AND ECONOMICS. Education is the main KEY to success. You are what you KNOW. Now there are other ways to become successful without education, but that road will be more difficult to go down. Especially these days. Yes you can go get a trade, or professorial licenses without a college degree, but that’s for another post.

We are now in the age of information, those who has the most information “Rules”

Nowadays it’s called the “Battle” of “Intelligence”. If you want to succeed in this new era you must understand that advanced education is the key to unlock doors. The jobs, and businesses of the future will require you to obtain “Advance Education”.

Learn how to become an “Asset”, and start “Attracting”, instead of “Chasing”. Either you learn to play the game of “Chess” to maneuver in this “American System”, or “Suffer”, there is no in between. “Magnate Lifestyle” is not about constantly complaining about your problems, it’s about coming up with real solutions.

Patients, and delayed gratification is KEY. All of the people in power today started off small, and grew large. You can’t just start “Large”, you have to crawl before you walk. Focus on obtaining an “Advanced Education” and “Greatness” will follow. Start investing in yourself, and your “Family Bloodline” today.

Powerful…Magnate Lifestyle.

Keith J. Leigh

Keith J. Leigh is a spiritual advisor, philosopher, business owner, family man, author, and primal leader who contributes to greatness by sharing years of powerful experience and advance knowledge with the world. He's been in the E-Commerce, Entertainment, Technology, Real Estate and Mortgage Industries for over 15 years who specializes in business and family dynasty building. This author would like to remain mostly mysterious as power last longer behind the scenes. Magnate Lifestyle isn't your average website. Magnate: A person of rank, power, influence, or distinction often in a specified area. A “Business Magnate” (formally industrialist) refers to an entrepreneur of great influence, importance, or standing in a particular enterprise or field of business.

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