Do You Have The Right Support System To Be ‘Self Employed’?

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Business Support System

Do You Have The Right Support System To Be ‘Self Employed’?

To all my “Self Employed” people whose goal is to be successful in business. You will not get anyone to help you with your business long-term without putting them on some type of “Payroll” or offering an equity stake. If you think people will help you for free, you’re going to end up being highly disappointed.

It will be challenging to build a business these days unless you have a devoted partner or partners who will make the sacrifices with you. Having the right support system around you will be very crucial to your business success.

As you grow older, solid business partners will be very rare because not many people will want to sacrifice their current “Lifestyle” to build a business from scratch. Especially if they’re already married with a high monthly overhead and “Children”.

The odds are against you, If you’re starting a business alone without the right support system, or if you don’t have enough access to funds to put people on the payroll. Nobody is going to come to the rescue unless they see themselves making money with you. There are no long-term team players without “Payroll” being present.

The ones who are winning knows how to put people on the payroll

They know by having the ability to put you on a payroll, you will eventually have to come back to them to make your money. Those people cornered the game and played “Chess”.

Those who cornered the game of business made their money when the price of living was a lot lower & life was slower than it is today. Those people made great sacrifices to build their empires, and now their children are running the businesses that most people work at today.

Moral of the story is you are alone in your quest for this money, and you will have to gangster your way to the top by force, intelligent business tactics, and precise strategy.

The reality is going after your dreams, and getting rich is mostly a young person’s game. When you were young, you didn’t have that many people around you saying you can’t do something. You took more risk, made it happen, and didn’t over think. You was young, fly, and hungry.

Think Profit

Business Support System

In order for your business to survive, you will need a powerful business support system

As you grow older, you may still have that same hunger as you did when you where young, but the people around you most likely got too comfortable, and gave up on their dreams. Those same people around you are most likely living a pessimistic, boring, mundane, non-motivating, and stagnated lifestyle.

Since the people around you think that they’re too old, and gave up on their dreams to build wealth. Your support system needed to get rich and build solid businesses will most likely become diminished. The only way to change that reality is to start being around people who are like-minded and just as hungry as you. You will need a powerful support system/team to make this real money, and make your dreams into reality.

You can’t do it by yourself. Your inner business circle is very important to your “Rise”.

So, If you decide to become “Self Employed” full-time, you must understand during your struggling years. You will most likely be criticized by people with 9-5 jobs as a failure and a dumb risk taker. They will pillow talk to their husbands or wives about your so-called bad decisions, your horrible fate, etc.

So the moral of the story is that you may lose a lot of friends, and may even lose your current family trying to build a business. Therefore you must develop thick skin, a strong inner will, and never give up on your goals.

You will have to go through “Hell To Get To Heaven” when building a business empire. But if you make it through the storm, the rewards are limitless.

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