Best Business Partnerships In Astrology

Astology Partnerships
Business Astrology Partnerships
Astology Partnerships

Business Astrology Partnerships

Best Business Partnerships In Astrology

Here are some of the Best Business Partnerships in Astrology. Each partner plays a different needed role in the business relationship. Having a great knowledgeable hard-working partner is an asset to your potential business venture. Choosing to partner up with the wrong business person/s can be a disaster to your business empire. The good news is you can use advance astrology to choose your potential business partner.

“The Best Business Partners” in astrology are Aries/ Leo, Capricorn/ Taurus, Libra/ Aquarius, and Cancer/ Scorpio Partners. This team equals profits, perseverance, handwork and long-term growth in business.

Next in line as a “Good Business Partnership” are Libra/Leo business partners, Capricorn/Scorpio Business Partners, Cancer/Taurus Business Partners, and Aries/Aquarius Business Partnership.

The “Average” Business Partnership who can learn a lot from each other are Aries/Scorpio Partners, Capricorn/Leo Business Partners, Libra/ Taurus Business Partnership, Cancer/Aquarius business partnerships, Aries/ Taurus, Libra/Scorpio, Cancer/ Leo and Capricorn/ Aquarius business relationship.

Fixed Signs

Fixed Signs Of The Zodiac

The Best Business Astrology Partners For Long Term “Growth” Are Cardinal and Fixed Signs

The fixed(Leo, Scorpio, Taurus, and Aquarius) signs keeps the Cardinal Signs (Cancer, Aries, Capricorn, and Libra) grounded and on the focused path in business, and the Cardinal Signs (Cancer, Aries, Capricorn, and Libra) can help get the engine started and keep the spark going with the Fixed Signs when they get stuck in a rut (Leo, Scorpio, Taurus, and Aquarius)….So on and So on…

The only down-side to the cardinal and fixed sign relationship’s are stubbornness, ruthless business tactics, and hostile take-overs if major disagreements exist. It will be best to add some mutable signs(Virgo. Pisces, Gemini & Sagittarius) to the business partnerships to smooth out any potential gridlock.

We haven’t forgotten about the mutable signs such as Gemini, Virgo, Pisces, and Sagittarius who are good businessmen/women too, but that info will be in an entirely different post. Mutable signs are the diplomats of the “Zodiac” due to their great communication skills, tact, and adaptability. Most people don’t use Astrology, but Millionaires, Billionaires, and The Elite Do.

In Conclusion

Other than that the fixed and cardinal sun signs usually bring special skills to the table to form powerful business bonds. These powerful business partnerships in astrology equals “Profit & Growth”. If done correctly the cardinal and fixed sign partners can build profitable international corporations. They’re a force to be reckon with once the strong bonds are formed. It will be best to get a professional natal chart reading to maximize your business partnership potential. Success, or failure in business depends on the combinations of planets, your moon sign, and houses aspecting each other at the time of birth.

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