Before Starting A Business Learn The Power Of ‘Hierarchy’

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Respect The Power Of “Hierarchy”

Before Starting A Business Learn The Power Of ‘Hierarchy’

As an up and coming leader, it will be wise not to recruit to many other up and coming leaders within your inner circle. You only need wise counsel within your inner circle while everyone else outside of that circle are workers/employees, etc.

You do not need others competing for your position of leadership within your inner circle because that will cause unnecessary division, jealousy, and petty wars. Yes, you should be building up other leaders in the long run, but they must first respect the current hierarchy.

Every species on earth are ruled by some sort of hierarchy. Even this solar system is controlled by hierarchy. The “Sun” forces the planets to revolve around it. I watched to many start-up companies, and/or organizations fail because of the disrespect to hierarchy.

Hierarchy: Pyramid-like ranking of ideas, individuals, items, etc., where every level (except the top and the bottom ones) has one higher and one lower neighbor. Higher level means greater authority, importance, and influence.

Too many chiefs and not enough Indians are a threat to your empire. “Magnate Lifestyle”

People on the internet are always saying you must build your empire, but it wouldn’t be an empire without an emperor/empress.

Remember being a leader is an earned position, it’s not given to you. So you must be respected by others before you can become a true “Leader”. The best way to command respect is by making smart moves, and calculated decisions.

Increase Value

Increase Honor, Value & Respect

Modern Day Leaders Can Be Earn Through Business Ventures

Now, we don’t live in ancient times where you had to be the toughest warrior, or be born from a royal bloodline to be a leader. You can become a leader these days by creating an organization or company from scratch. The golden rule is who ever owns the company rules.

So lets say you started a new corporation and you funded it with your own money. Then you’re the leader of that company by default. You are the CEO/President/Chairperson of that company. So your job is to hire employees to work for you, while marketing your products and/or services to the masses.

At this time it wouldn’t be smart to hire other leaders, unless they respect your leadership and/or bring some value to the company. If you decide to recruit other leaders on the team then you must make sure most of the shares of that company are owned by you. It will be very wise to make sure you have the last word on all the decisions. Even though its smart to have intelligent people on your team, just make sure you’re the leader of the pack.

Everyone on the team must play their part in creating a powerful business machine. As the leader of the company its your job to make sure that machine is running smoothly. If you’re constantly being challenged by others who wants to be the leader too, it will slow down business, and potential profits.

You as a business person don’t have time for unnecessary drama, power struggles, and wars from the people on your team. Especially at your start-up stage. “War” is bad for business. “Magnate Lifestyle”

Incorporate.comWhat you need is cooperation from others to run a profitable business. The main problem in business I see today are people going into business with their friends who all want to be leaders at the same time. Sometimes that can work in business, but most of the time it doesn’t. Matter of fact they’re most likely at a gridlock before the business even gets off the ground. That’s because they are not respecting “Hierarchy”.

In Conclusion

Now as your company grows and you hire a board of directors then you can all vote on company decisions, but that’s for another post. As for as starting a business from scratch, you should be the visionary and leader of the company. You must protect your leadership position at all cost. So be very careful when choosing your team. Choosing the wrong team members will be very detrimental to your company’s progress.

Don’t ever let anyone threaten your “Leadership Position”. Therefore, you must command others to respect the power of “Hierarchy”. Take charge of your life today by incorporating “Primal Leadership” into your lifestyle.

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