Become A Great Leader By Understanding The Power Of ‘Primal Leadership’

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Primal Leadership
No Victim

Primal Leadership

“Primal Leadership” Will Set You Apart From The Rest

Leader’s emotions are contagious. If a leader resonates energy and enthusiasm, an organization thrives; if a leader spreads negativity and dissonance, it flounders. Daniel Goleman, Author of “Primal Leadership”

Primal Leadership explained by the great author “Daniel Goleman” is based on “Emotional Intelligence“. In today’s culture “Primal Leadership” is needed more than ever. The old way of leading is vanishing as each decade passes.

As we enter into the “Information Age” where technology rules, we will need more primal leaders to keep humanity connected with each other and moving in the right direction.

The new “Leaders” of the future will have to understand how to lead people based on their emotional needs. We live in a culture based on “Freedom Of Self Expression“. Art, self-expression, and emotional primal urges are very important factors in today’s’ societies.

The rise of the “Hip Hop” culture is largely based on emotional intelligence, artistic creativity, and passionate self-expression. Hip Hop music is powerful today because it connects with the people’s internal problems, primal dark urges, and emotional states.

Leadership isn’t just about possessing technical academic knowledge, it’s about knowing how to emotionally connect with others to get things done. Great Leaders always connected with the people’s emotions first by learning how to control manage their own emotions.

Primal Leadership

Emotional Intelligence

Understanding “Emotional Intelligence” Is A Powerful Trait

Once you learn how to use your own emotions to connect with others for the greater good, you will be on your way to becoming a “Great Leader”. But if you can’t control your own emotional impulses then you will most likely alienate people from your presence, and you can become destructive to self and others.

The raw reality is people look to leaders as more of an emotional guide whether they know it or not. Yes they’re fascinated that their leader is academically intelligent, but if you want to get people to follow your lead you must connect with their emotional states first.

Learn to master your own emotions and your powerful leadership skills will develop soon after. Sometimes you can move on instinct alone, but most of the time you should calculate your steps before moving.

In Conclusion

As a potential leader you must understand that every human being on the planet uses emotions to make their decisions. Decisions such as what to buy, who to marry, what career to choose, what clothes to wear, etc are largely based on emotions. People also use emotions to choose their “Leaders”. So it will be your job to tap into those emotions.

Understanding the power of people’s primal emotions sets the best leaders apart from the rest. As a leader, It will be very important for you to understand the power of “Primal Leadership” if you want to thrive in today’s “Information Age”.

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