How To Attract The Right Spouse By Learning Relationship Psychology

Relationship Psychology
Relationship Psychology

How To Attract The Right Spouse

How To Attract The Right Spouse By Learning Relationship Psychology

This article is short and straight to the point. To all my single people who are in there late 30’s and Up. When the time comes to find your mate you must become open again like you where in your early twenties. Over-Thinking, having a closed heart, and being too picky will cause you to push away your potential husband/wife. Start having fun again like you did in your early twenties.

Your first 2 years with your mate is about enjoying your time together, not being too judgemental and overly serious. You must open your heart again and let your guard down, or else you will continue to be single and you’re not getting any younger.

Holding a “Grudge” long-term will create evil within your character, push away your partner and hold you back from “Greatness”. Magnate Lifestyle

When dating people want to be around happy positive people. If you bring negativity energy all the time to the new relationship based on baggage from the last one. You will eventually push your partner away. You must understand people will come with “Flaws” even more now that your older. Now, I’m not saying to be naive when it comes to so-called dating, I’m just saying become that giving person again.


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Women: when you’re with a real man, he will be protective, a little controlling, and territorial over you.

Flirting with others, and moving “Lawless”, is off-limits during the courting ritual. A lot of men died in these streets, and empires went to war behind lawless women. Just because you claim to be “Free Spirited” doesn’t mean you can disrespect the game. Even a “Free Spirit” has to follow the laws of nature, and cosmic law. There are laws to this sh#$. When you first meet a man and start dating him, it will be best to respect him to the fullest and don’t try to make him jealous.

The masculine requires freedom, validation, loyalty and power, and the feminine requires praise, attention, trust and love. “Magnate Lifestyle”

Men dislike women batting their eyes at every man she comes across. He wants to feel that your his woman and only his woman. Don’t get mad at the male because of his masculine ways that’s human nature. Deep down inside he wants to protect, ravish, love and praise you. But you will have to show him that you can be a loyal and trustworthy partner.

Men: Wasting time with who ever gets the most women to have sex with isn’t healthy competition.

The “Womanizer” usually dies lonely, bitter and broke. if you’re trying to attract a powerful female mate do not let her discover you’re a womanizer. Women dislike a womanizer deep down inside. Even though it may be fun to her in the beginning. She will eventually develop trust issues over time. It’s not a game, it’s only called the “Game”.

“50 Cent” once said don’t chase women, Chase the “Money” & the women will come.

You are to earn the “Yoni” by sharing your special gifts to the world. Start by discovering your hidden talents, your life’s purpose, and mastering your spiritual, physical, and ambitious pursuits. Once you become an asset to the world. You will always have women wanting to stand by you to assist you towards “Greatness”. Learn these secrets to the game and you will never be without a woman by your side. FYI Once you reach a certain level of maturity, it will be best to court a powerful wife and build a family dynasty.

Power Couple

Power Couple

To all the future married couples:

It will be best to start studying “Relationship Psychology” before you get married. Relationships are a lot of work and you will learn more about each other as the years pass. Therefore, the main goal should be that you and your partner can last over 7 years in a relationship,

Always remember Bad Debt, Weak Income Streams, and “Constant Financial” up and downs equals future “Divorce”. thus family is a business. Also the biggest “Test” of love, loyalty, trust, and patients for newlywed couples or new relationships in general are “Fidelity Issues” and when the baby comes. Most couples don’t pass that test.

Powerful…Magnate Lifestyle

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