Are You The Predator Or Prey? – Its Time To Get Out Of Victim Mode

Victim Mode
Become The "Predator", not the "Prey"
No Victim

Become The “Predator”, Not The “Prey”

Its Time To Get Out Of “Victim Mode”

GOD(Generator/Operator/Destroyer) is within “YOU”. GOD is when you understand the power of the “Subconscious Mind”. GOD is when you’re aligned with the true laws of “Nature” & “Cosmic/Universal Law”. GOD is the Law of “Cause and Effect”. GOD is “Mental”. GOD is “Mathematics”. GOD is “LAW”. The “Ancients” knew these true “Laws”.

It doesn’t matter if you are so-called good, or bad as long as you’re aligned like “GOD” you will reign “Supreme”. They call it aligning to the “Will” of GOD.

The “Puppet Master” elite told you everything is a “Sin” to keep you in fear, under mind control, and constantly in victim mode. You can either become the predator or the “Prey”. Those who’re always in victim mode will constantly be controlled by others.

They told you as long as you’re a good servant, and obedient you will be blessed. They kept the true laws of “GOD” secret, and gave you the watered down version.

Example: You could be the nicest sweetest most giving person in the entire world, but if you’re undisciplined, ignorant, constantly eating unhealthy food, not exercising, not taking calculating steps, etc you will most likely die early of a debilitating disease and most likely in “Poverty”.

Victom Mode

Become The “Victor”

It doesn’t matter if you’re a so-called good person when you’re not aligned like “GOD”

While your suffering in “Victim Mode”, the so-called “Bad” selfish person will live to 100,years old, build a family dynasty, and will most likely die “Wealthy”. That’s because he understood the true laws of “GOD”. He aligned with the “Will”. Those who aligned themselves with Nature & Cosmic Law will live forever.

That so-called bad person was always gaining knowledge, practicing discipline, eating healthy, practicing yoga, exercised, etc. He also aggressively removed people who caused him unnecessary stress out of his lifestyle. This person wasn’t in “Victim Mode”. He took charge of his life and created a reality as he saw fit…Feel Me?

Now, I’m not advocating being a so-called “Bad” person. I’m just saying don’t become so “Religiously Blind” that you become a victim to your own “Fears” and other people’s thoughts. Stop thinking everything is a “Sin”.

You must use prayer, and your inner spiritual powers to overcome fear, and to get out of “Victim” mode. One of the best prayers in the “Universe” is “GOD” give me “Strength”.

Now the ‘Great” News is you can still learn the true laws of “GOD” and get out of “Victim Mode” today, but you must be ready to unlearn 80% of what you thought you knew, and have an “Open Mind”. There’s still truth in today so-called religions, but you must decipher the “Secrets Codes”.

Those who stay in “Victim Mode” will always be imprisoned by their fears. It’s time to take charge of your life today and break those chains created by your fears and passive lifestyle. Like I said before, you can either become the “Predator” or the “Prey”. The choice is yours…

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Keith J. Leigh

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