Align Yourself With A Powerful Inner Circle & Thug Your Way Through

Align Yourself With A Powerful "Inner Circle"
Inner Circle

Align Yourself With A Powerful “Inner Circle”

Align Yourself With A Powerful Inner Circle & Thug Your Way Through

It will be best to create a strong “Team” and thug your way through. Don’t spend your life always trying to impress people already in “Power”. Those who are already in power positions will always want you to submit to them. Therefore, it’s a waste of time to ask them for too much favors. Remember nothing in life is free, avoid the free lunch. Everything in this physical reality comes with a “Price”.

If you research history, and study extremely successful people, you will find out that most of them created a powerful “Inner Circle”(Team) and thugged their way to the top. They earned their success, and respect the hard way, by not kissing “Ass”. Now, it’s very important that you give respect to the people in power when asking for their help, but you don’t have to kiss their “ASS”.

Great Examples Of Powerful Inner Circles: “Jay Z” aligned himself with Dame Dash and Kareem “Biggs” Burke to build the “Roc-A-Fella Records” empire. While “Suge Knight” aligned himself with Dr. Dre, David Kenner (Lawyer) and The D.O.C to build the “Deathrow” empire and the list goes on.

Even though kissing asses works sometimes, the problem with choosing that route is, you’ll always be a prisoner to that person in “Power”. Once you’re too depended on that person in power to bring you success and wealth. He/she will always have the power to cut you off at the drop of a “Dime”. So, I wouldn’t recommend choosing that route to the top. Plus, its best for you to become a valuable asset first, so the people in power will naturally come to you.

The best way to attract people in power is by first aligning yourself with a powerful inner circle to build valuable businesses together. Always remember, all you need is your team to cooperate with each other for a common cause, and the rest will fall in place.

Inner Circle

Unite With Your Inner Circle

Unite With Your Inner Circle (Team) And Form Like “Voltron”

You must create your own products, and/or services for the masses directly to make other people in power respect your “Grind”. You must focus solely on your fan base, while building your brand with hard work, dedication and passion. Once you put yourself in the right place, power will come to you.

Make sure your “Inner Circle”(Team) is loyal, trustworthy, like-minded, and just as passionate about the team’s success as you are. Do not build your team with ass kisser, they’ll become a leak in your faucet down the road. Watch that person on your team who is what I call a “Dick Rider”. He/She will jump from team to team just to make it to the “Top”. You must cut that person off “Immediately”.

Be patient! That person will end up crashing and burning over the long-term. Once people figure out that person’s “Ulterior Motives” they will most likely choose to stay away. Nobody likes to be around a dis-loyal person.

You need to push more towards your goals with force, and become uncut raw with yourself. Our “True Inner Will” is the key to getting what we want in life, but we must be forceful when completing our goals. Force, Power, and Will are one in the same.

You will ruffle feathers on your way to the top. There is no way of getting around that. However, you must continue to push with powerful force when going after your goals, no matter who’s in your way. On the way to the top it will be a bloody battle. Fucked being like, it’s about commanding your respect.


Turn Your Inner Circle Into A Wealth Creating Machine

How To Turn Your “Inner Circle” Into A Wealth Creating Machine

Everyone in the world has an “Inner Circle”. Your “Inner Circle” can include friends, brotherhood, family, co-workers, business associates, business partners, etc. The first 5 people within your “Inner Circle” is very important to your success. Yes it’s true  that “Birds Of The Same Feathers, Flock Together”.

You can either have a supportive, innovative, motivational, successful “Inner Circle”, or you can have a destructive, envious, non-supportive, energy draining “Inner Circle” full of “Secret Haters” & “Gossipers”. The choice is yours!

The main goal today is to create a winning “Inner Circle”. First you must learn each persons strengths & weaknesses within your “Inner Circle”. Once you find out their strengths and weaknesses, you then can figure out what position everyone should play.

Your goal is to make sure everyone is winning as a “Team”. Teamwork definitely makes the “Dream Work”. Magnate Lifestyle

When everyone is winning on your team at the same time, you can all be each others crutches to make sure no one will fall.

Example: Now let’s say you’re an expert in finance and the other person in the “Inner Circle” is an expert in real estate investing, then you should come together to build long-lasting wealth in investments.

Each person within the “Inner Circle” is a piece to the wealth creating “Puzzle”. The main ingredient in building your “Inner Circle” is “Co-Operation”.

If all of you stay in the lanes you specialize in, then it shouldn’t be a problem coming together and building real lasting “Wealth”. Some call it “Group Economics”.

Build Wealth

Great Sacrifice Is Needed For The Circle To Survive

Make Sure Everyone Is Down To Move Up The Success Ladder At The Same Time

If the people within your “Inner Circle” are too comfortable in their positions in life, selfish, and extremely pessimistic, it won’t work. Those people need to be pushed to the sideline, or completely removed out of your “Inner Circle” all together. Also watch out for the secret haters, and secret competitors within the your “Inner Circle”. They’re wolves in “Sheep’s” clothing and will be “Weeds” to your “Growth”. The ones that are not down with the crew of like minds will be a thorn to your “Inner Circle” and must be removed immediately.

Example: If you say let’s go left, and the people on your team are always saying, no let’s go right, then you must exclude those people out of your “Inner Circle” asap.

The goal is to huddle together and come up with real solutions to problems, not compete and disagree all the time. Also don’t be afraid to add others to your “Inner Circle”. Out with the old and in with the “New”. If you choose to add new people to your “Inner Circle” make sure they’re loyal, trustworthy, and smarter than you.

In Conclusion

Once your “Powerful Inner Circle” is created. You all should have meetings with each other at least once, or twice a week about business, advanced knowledge & investment opportunities. Trust me, when you all make money together, it will create foundations for everyone to build stronger bonds with each other. If you all play your cards right, everyone will build long-lasting “Wealth” over time.

Once you focus on building a strong team, and create multiple streams of income for your family bloodline. You will start traveling with a group of power players, while putting a stamp on the game with your signatures. “Magnate Lifestyle”

You must make sure your inner circle understand these rules before creating an empire together. The key is don’t go stepping on too many “Toes”, if you’re not ready to win the “War”. Chess must be played when building your inner circle. Don’t waste anymore time and energy with a draining stagnated “Inner Circle”. Today is the day to create your “Powerful Inner Circle” and Thug your way through. A powerful book you can read to learn how to thug your way through is “48 Laws Of Power By Robert Greene”

Powerful….Magnate Lifestyle

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