A Man Will Go Through Three Major Stages In Life

Three Stages Of Man character

The “Warrior” Stage

The “Warrior” Stage:

A man will go through three Major stages In life. The first stage is called the “Warrior” stage. This is usually between the ages of 16-32. At this stage he will be Aggressive, Impatient, Sexual, Risky, and Fearless. This is the stage where he will need the most guidance. A man at this stage is open to learning new things and is influenced by his peers. He is more prone to join organizations during this stage such as gangs, fraternities, military, etc.

He usually lives a high risk lifestyle during this stage. His ambition is most likely fueled by trying to prove to himself & others that he can “Achieve”. During this stage he doesn’t think too much before he moves. He can be immature, restless and impatient during this stage.

A man at this stage will usually put his goals, and even his friends/brotherhood before his woman and children. This man has a lot of restless sexual energy at this stage, and is more prone to have many sexual partners…He loves hanging out with friends, brotherhood, etc. and likes to party without reward at this stage.

Man makes most of his life’s mistakes between the ages of 16-32.”Keith J. Leigh”

Women: I would recommend being patient with him at this stage, and do not constantly push him to marry you prematurely, or it can backfire. As a woman you must understand he will marry you when the time is right.

Major Stages Family

The “Lover’s” Stage

The “Lover’s” Stage:

The second stage is called the “Lover’s” stage. This is usually between the ages 32-55. He is a lot more patient, loving, and goal oriented during this stage. This is the stage where he craves more stability, takes less “Risk”, and is usually more into women mentally, spiritually, and physically.

He’s may be family oriented, and ready for “Leadership” during this stage.

Achievement with material reward will be very important to him during this stage. He may be into passionate lovemaking with his woman.

He’s may be ready to settle down, get married, and build a family at this stage. He is stern yet a lot more thoughtful, loving, affectionate, and caring when interacting with women. He will most likely know what he wants out of life material wise. He will usually party less, and when he does party it’s may be after a reward, achievement, etc. At this stage he is usually focused on more calculated goals that has real lasting results such as building lasting wealth for his family.

He usually doesn’t make too many mistakes at this stage unless he is still stuck in the 1st stage mentally and spiritually. Also there is a chance he didn’t get partying, and sexual conquest out of his system during the first stage. Most likely because of a force marriage, children before he was ready, financial losses, etc, or if he isn’t where he wants to be career wise in life. He can have what you call a “Mid Life Crisis” during this stage.

The “Wisdom” Stage

The “Wisdom” Stage: 

The 3rd and last stage is called the “Wisdom” stage. This is usually between the ages 55 til death. This is the stage where he combines what he learned from the first 2 stages and will most likely understand what he learned.

A man is usually set in his ways during this stage. He may have discovered his purpose in life.

At this stage he is usually more compassionate, giving, patient, mature, and humble, or he can be bitter, hurt, regretful, and angry at his past. His sex drive usually slows down during this stage.

This is the stage he may be more Religious/Spiritual and is more focused on his life’s purpose on earth, than material pursuits. As he grows older he prepares for retirement, and even “Death”. He is usually looking for more of a peace of mind at this stage than achievement, and success.

At this stage he has more thoughts about death, his past mistakes/regrets/achievements, the continuation of his family bloodline, and if there’s an afterlife. If he made to many bad mistakes in the first 2 stages that he never learned from, it will all catch up to him during this stage.

If he accumulated material wealth during the first 2 stages of his life, then he will enjoy his fruits of labor, and will most likely take part in “Philanthropy”. This is a very important stage to him before leaving the physical body.

He will need the love of his family & Friends more than ever at this stage. The more he is around a loving family, wise people, and friends the longer he will live. He will enjoy sharing his knowledge, and wisdom with others, especially the youth without praise.

Theses are the powerful stages a man with go through during his lifetime

The message here is to make most of your mistakes, start ambitious projects, goals, career, and business ventures in the first 2 stages of life because you will slow down naturally as you grow older.

Powerful….Magnate Lifestyle

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