7 Powerful Ways To Bullet Proof Your ‘Relationship Today’

Relationship Today

Relationship Today

Here Are 7 Powerful Ways To Bullet Proof Your ‘Relationship Today’

In this article I’m sharing 7 ways to bullet proof your relationship today. It doesn’t matter if your married, or in a non-marital long-term relationship. These 7 steps will be the glue to keep your relationship together during bad times. These days relationships are dissolving faster than water in a scorching desert.

It’s so much distraction out here, such as social media, the night club life, etc. So, it will be best if you’re an expert at relationship science, or at least be willing to learn before settling down long-term. Below are 7 creative ways to keep your relationship in tact: You can start implementing these changes within your relationship today.

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1) It’s OK To Study “Relationship Science”:

Men/Women: These days most people are learning as they go, while creating dangerous environments of secret hatred for one another, ulterior motives, cheating, and grudges. I’ve experienced men being disrespectful, standoffish, and not being totally honest with women. While seeing women manipulating men, and playing mind games to keep men doing what they want in selfish ways. Both tactics are very toxic within a long-term relationship.

It’s very important to read books, listen to lectures, form study groups, and seek counsel from wise experienced elders, spiritual advisors, or professionals, when it comes to male and female relationships. Most people don’t know how to be in relationships these days, especially if they grew up in single parent homes. Learning more about “Relationship Science” creates a strong foundation for happier long-term marriages.

In ancient times, and still practiced in some countries today are rites of passage. Which are ceremonies for men/women to prepare themselves for adulthood, marriage, and children.

You don’t always know the answers. Don’t be afraid to learn new things. “Magnate Lifestyle”

Relationship Today

Finance Before Romance

3) Finance Before Romance:

Young Men: Based on my life experiences, studying the game deeply, and watching others suffer. Do not take on relationships with women without having your money right first. This current “American” system doesn’t support the broke lifestyle. So, you must focus on getting your money right first, then get into a relationship.

Trust me when I speak on this knowledge. It will be a wise decision not move in, nor take on a woman without your money being right first. Vs versa. I’ve witness many relationships breaking down due to lack of finances. Thus, lack of finances is the number one reason marriages ends up in “Divorce Court”. Think about what I’m saying very deeply. The stress caused by not having your finances right is the main reason for “Divorce” in America.

I know: there’s a saying that you can’t control who you love, but you must learn how to be calculated, patient, and strategic when it comes to long-term relationships/ marriage. You don’t have to be rich to move in with each other. But at least be settled with a good paying career, and/or running a profitable business for at least 2 years.

Relationship Today

Spouse Or Roommate?

4) Are You living With Your Spouse, Or A Roommate?:

Both genders are grinding too much these days chasing after “Careers” instead of mastering their relationships. Yes, I understand that you have to pay the bills. But, I’m a firm believer that all couples are blessed by GOD. As long as trust, love, affection, and nurturing is the foundation, money will always be attracted to couples. So, there’s no reason you should be focusing on your career more than your relationship. Thus, you should focus on both within balance of each other.

Make sure you’re living with your authentic husband, or wife, not a “Roommate”. “Magnate Lifestyle”

Cooperation, love and communication is key in all relationships. Remember your on the same team against the world. It’s very important to agree with each other and be on the same page at least 80% of the time. The other 20% is for your own thoughts, opinions, etc. But as a couple you all must learn to read out of the same playbook.

Teamwork will always make the dream work. You must take some time out to focus solely on the relationship, or suffer the consequences. Make sure your living with a true loving spouse, not a roommate just to help you pay the bills.

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5) It’s Not Only About Looks When It Comes To Choosing The Right Partner:

I had a friend who only cared about looks in women, so he kept having very shallow relationships and encounters with many women. The bad part is he knew better, he was over 40, and had knowledge of relationship science. It got so bad that he wouldn’t even go to certain bars, and night club outings. Talking about they’re no dime pieces at those spots.

I had to keep reminding him that looks will fade, but the real will remain. I told him to court a women who truly loves you, for you and who is intelligent, loving, nurturing, loyal, affectionate, loves children, and trustworthy.

In order to be in a long-term relationship looks has to come second to character, heart and morals. Even though looks are a bonus, focusing only on looks is why people are getting played like suckas these days. When choosing a long-term partner make sure that person is true to you, not only for looks.

Relationship Today

Keep Your Relationship Private

6) Make Sure You Keep Your Relationship Private:

Facebook isn’t the place to share your personal business, financial position, nor shortfalls. People don’t care about you like you think. So, it will be wise to keep most of your personal business private from social media. Strangers don’t deserve to know about your private life. There are lots of haters out there secretly wishing for your downfall due to jealousy. So, it’s best to Keep your relationship off the internet.

Even when your offline make sure you keep your business between you and your partner. If you need sound advice, or a person to talk too when problems arise. Make sure that person/s is well trusted, wise, and very knowledgeable about relationships. Also, make sure that person has a successful relationship, or if single have been in a successful long-term relationship before. Privacy is a must when it comes to bullet proofing your relationship along with advise only from  “Wise Trusted Counsel”.


Keep Your Relationship Spicy and Exciting

7) Keep The Relationship Spicy & Exciting:

Sometimes you have to slow down and ask yourself: How is my relationship today? Is it exciting? Is it moving forward? It’s very important to keep the relationship spicy and exciting at ll times. Yes, every relationship has its down times and there will be boring mundane days. But you must be creative when it comes to keeping the relationship lit.

Some powerful examples are: Focusing on going out dancing together, going on camping trips, attending gala’s and spontaneous trips to Vegas, Miami, etc. You can start work out plan together. Start a family business that you can pass down to your children. Whatever route you choose to keep it spicy, make sure it keeps the relationship moving forward.

Power AstrologyIn Conclusion

Relationships are constant hard work(Especially These Days). To me: real authentic relationships starts after 7 years together. Remember most relationships break down after the 2nd year, and/or the 7th year. If you can make it past 7 years together, then it’s a good chance you will build a family dynasty together. Trust, true love, communication, nurturing and loyalty is the foundation needed to build a powerful family empire.

After reading and understanding these 7 powerful steps, you will be able to bullet proof your relationship today. “Magnate Lifestyle”

I’m recommending you to read these two powerful books about relationships. The first book is “The Way Of Superior Man A Spiritual Guide By David Deida” and the second book is “The Art Of Seduction By Robert Greene”. These books are a little edgy, but will give you the raw primal knowledge about relationships. Plus, Magnate Lifestyle is about living on the edge.

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