5 Ways To Turn Risk Into Powerful Reward

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How To Turn Risk Into Reward

Most people fear taking risk, but without risk there’s no reward. Many people hesitate to start a powerful business, change careers, or simply try something new because the risk seems too great and fear overpowers their decisions.

Every powerful person you see successful today took the “High Risk” road to success. Some took calculated risk, but many executed high risk strategies to become massively successful. Within this article you’ll learn how to turn risk into powerful rewards. You may lose at first, but once you learn how to use fear to fuel relentless ambition, you will become a winner when the smoke clears.

My model is to take more calculated risks when your at the top, and maintaining your success machine, But when your on the way to the top, you will need to drive down the high risk road to massive success. The only thing that’s in you way of greatness is “Fear”. Below are 5 powerful ways to turn risk into reward:

“The Fearful Never Created History” Keith J. Leigh

High Risk Chess Game

Play Chess, Not Checkers

1) Make The Decision:

Before you take the risk, you must first make the decisions on the plan. The hardest step is to be brave enough to make the decision and take the leap. Can you do it? Should you do it? Do you have the skills and willingness and the motivation to do it? By this stage you should know what it takes to make it happen. But don’t overthink or you will become negative on your outlook of the future. Go ahead and make the decision to move forward…

“Without Making The Decision, You Will Never Move To The Next Level Of The Game” Keith J. Leigh

Life's Purpose Risk

Re-Evaluate Your Life

2) Learn To Embrace Failure As A Learning Experience:

Without failure there’s no success. How would you know what success feels like, if you never failed before. The key to embracing failure is to block out what other people think about you. You cant worry about what others will think about you, if you failed. Most people aren’t brave enough anyways to take high risk moves, so you have the right to pat yourself on the back for your bravery.

Along this journey called life you will come across many people. Some of these people will always be there for you through thick and thin, helping you when you are in need, yet on the other end of the spectrum there are those that will always be trying to discourage you as well as sow the seeds of doubt in your mind.

Please understand your already 1000 steps ahead of most people because you took the leap of faith. While others are too fearful of taking the necessary risk to get to the next level. Most millionaires, and billionaires learned to embrace failure as a learning experience. So, due to them having that powerful mindset is the main reason they’re massively successful. The key is to never give up and keep it moving by any means necessary.

“Failure Is The Best Teacher Of Success, and Greatness” Keith J. Leigh

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Great Sacrifice Is Enviable

3) Learn How To Execute Bold Action During Times Of Pressure:

This is a very important trait to have when overcoming the jitters of risky moves. Remember fear is your best friend, or it can be a viscous enemy to your success. Powerful people had to learn to boldly execute creative ideas, and powerful strategy during times of distress.

When you first take that leap of faith, it will be scary, due to your fear of the unknown future. But, you can use that fear to fuel great results, if you take bold action. If you’re hesitant on making powerful decisions during times of distress, you can miss the opportunity. The key to success is making and executing your decision with bold action, and living with the results, win or lose. If you lose, then get back up and try again until you win…Period

“Enter Action With Boldness” Robert Greene “48 Laws Of Power


Embrace The Darkness Within Self To Achieve Success

4) Learn To Use Darkness To Fuel Intense Ambition:

Basically what this means is to use your own negative thoughts, and others peoples negative thoughts of you into intense ambition to prove them wrong. The first person you have to prove wrong is yourself, so it will be very beneficial to use your shadow self to achieve greatness. Deep within is where your secret power lies to create your reality as you see fit, but if you never take the time to face your shadow self, you will never discover that power.

Exploring your shadow within can lead to greater energy, creativity, and inner strength to use fear as a weapon. The key is to embrace your shadow side instead of suppressing the dark side of yourself. For instance: The lust for power is a good trait to have during your ambitious pursuits, but others may think that’s a negative trait. You must learn to use negativity to fuel your passion for positive outcomes, If you are to achieve massive success.

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” C.G. Jung


Embrace Your Destiny

5) Learn To Embrace Your Destiny:

Every person has a destiny to greatness in some way, form or fashion, but most people live just to get by. They don’t execute their full potential out of fear, societal programming, and self doubt. Also, most people are to afraid to go against the society’s rules, and their own parents influence over their outlook on life. It’s about empowering you to accept your place in the family, community, humanity, and the universe.

Some of us are protectors. Some are healers, teachers, heroes, rebels, explorers, caretakers, or powerful leaders. The world needs all sorts. The people who breaks through the veil to greatness are the ones who live by their own rules. They embrace their destiny, and force themselves to stand out from the rest.

“You Don’t Want To Embrace Your Destiny, You Don’t Want To Go Into The MF Darkness” P. Diddy

In Conclusion:

It’s about taking the necessary risk to achieve greatness and rise to the highest levels of the game. Without pain, there’s no pleasure. Without risk there’s no reward. You will first need to go through “Hell” to get to “Heaven”. But the key is not fearing meeting the devil and thug-in your way through. The first devil to fight is within self, disguise as fear, darkness(Shadow Self) and self doubt.

When you learn to embrace taking risk, you will always be on top of your game. If you not satisfied with your current situation, then its time to take that risk, and create that reality of success, satisfaction and happiness. Keep pushing, and you will eventually turn your risk into great rewards.

Some powerful books to read on how to turn risk into reward is The 33 Strategies Of War By Robert Greene, and The Way Of The Seal: To Think Like A Warrior To Lead And Succeed.

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