10 Powerful Ways To Overcome Depression!

Overcome Depression
Overcome Depression By Facing Your Shadow Self
Overcome Depression

Overcome Depression By Facing Your Shadow Self

Real Talk Session: Stress, Depression, Mental Breakdowns, Nervous disorders, Anxiety are real ya.  These mental disorders are nothing to play with.  We can’t let depression overpower our lives. We must live life with abundance, happiness and love.  Always understand you’re not alone in this fight.  America is a “TRAUMA” base country and lots of people are suffering mentally, so here are some powerful steps that can help you overcome depression. When you follow these powerful steps below, your life will change for the better.

First Step: Focus on slowing down your pace in life, and focus on living in the present.  Try not to live in the future, or the past within your mind.  Focus on the great experiences that happened in your past, and throw away the bad experiences without suppressing those experiences.  Always understand the future doesn’t exist, only the present.  The good news is you can create your future based on the decisions you make in the present.

Second Step: It will be best to stop overthinking, stressing, and worrying, everything is going to be alright.  Always remember it could be worse.  Stressing and worrying about your problems are not going to make them go away.  So it will be beneficial to embrace your problems head on and watch how your life will change for the better.  You must remember there will always be challenges, problems, and obstacles for us to overcome.

The goal is to focus on overcoming the easiest problems first, and then gradually take on the hard ones.  Some problems will follow you to the grave based on the bad decisions you made in the past, So it will be best not to focus on those problems, and start enjoying life today.

Third Step: is to get the right amount of sleep.  Sleep is very important for your well-being, peace of mind, and mental health.  Try focusing on sleeping through the night without interruptions, and taking a few quick naps during the day if you can.  It will be best to get 7-8 hours of sleep per day, so you can rejuvenate the mind, body and soul.

Overcome Depression

You Can Overcome Depression

Fourth Step: is to keep positive people around you, who will not bring you unnecessary drama, pain, hurt, gossip, hate, jealousy, anger, fear etc.  You will need to learn that those negative people around you are very “Toxic” to your mental health and well being, so you must remove them ASAP.

If people are intimidated by the presence of the “Real Authentic You”, don’t tone it down for them. “Embrace” your “True Self” and they will either “Love You” or “Hate You”. But at least you will know the truth about who’s around you. “Magnate Lifestyle”

Fifth Step: is not to get addicted to Street Drugs, or drink too much “Alcohol” to numb the pain. It will just make things worse.  To me 1 glass of organic red wine a day is helpful…But only in moderation.

Six Step: is to focus on getting out of debt, and getting your finances in order today.  Most “Stress & Worry” these days are created from debt, poverty, and lack of finances.  It’s very important not to let money rule you, understand that you control money not the other way around.  Never make money your master. and you will make life more easy to maneuver through.

Seventh Step: is to start an Exercise Program, Practice Yoga, Meditate, Pray, and Eat more healthy.  Those old school commercials where right, you are what you eat.  Exercise, meditation, and healthy eating helps ease depression, anxiety, and nervous problems.  Also, research healthy supplements, and herbs that you can take for your depression, before you choose pharma drugs. These natural herbs, and supplement does wonders for your mental health in the long run.

It’s very beneficial to do some outdoors activities such as play tennis, basketball, golf, chess at the park, hiking, travel, and much more to help out with overcoming depression.

Eighth Step: is to let go of  too much expectations in life, and turn those expectation into appreciation.  When you always expect guaranteed results, and they don’t come, you will be always be unhappy, angry, and stressed.  But when you appreciate what comes naturally, and what you already have, that will help ease the stress and help with your long term happiness.

Ninth Step: is to get some professional help such as speaking to a person with a PhD in psychology, and join groups, if needed.  Socializing is key, understand humans are social people by nature, and you can’t do it by yourself.  You must express your hurt and pain, so you can feel better about yourself.  You must never “suppress” your anger, hurt and pain, or it will make things worse.

Talk to others and find a way to vent your inner frustrations.  You will not overcome depression overnight, that’s why it’s very important to keep the right people around you that will help uplift you and listen to you.  Everybody needs somebody.  Isolation is very dangerous to your mental health.

The Tenth & Final Step: is to live your life by your own rules, not everybody else’s rules.  It’s your life and when you die it will only be you in that pine box, so live life how you want to live it, starting TODAY.  If you want to be a rapper, artist, or singer, go do it!  If you want to get that tattoo, go get it! You want to dye your hair red, go dye it!  If you want to party 3 days a week, go party!   You want to travel, buy a plane ticket today, and fly away to enjoy new experiences.  You want to start a business, don’t wait, start it today!  You want to confront that person, or family member who hurt-ed you in the past, go confront them!  You must learn let to go, and “Let GOD”.

Life's Purpose

Re-Evaluate Your Life

In Conclusion

Stop worrying about what other people think about you, be you at all times.  Go within your shadow self and find your true self.  By embracing your shadow self, you will learn from your past experiences good or bad to figure out who you truly are.  Be You!!!!!! Be Free!!!!! Love Yourself!!!

The hardest challenge is to be yourself in a world where everyone is trying to make you be somebody else…E.E. Cummings, Poet.

I hoped this post helps you strive to get in control of your depression.  I do not have all the answers, but I do care.  We all go through tough times in life, but its how we get through them that counts.  Overcoming depression is possible with following the right steps.  Never Give Up!!!

A powerful book we recommend you to read about working with your “Shadow Self” is “The Laws Of Human Nature By Robert Greene”.

Powerful…Magnate Lifestyle

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